Sibos interviews

Devie Mohan interviews Cheryl Gurz from The Bancorp about emerging technologies in payments, and the wider financial technology arena.

Philippe Ruault talks to Devie Mohan about how BNP Paribas is reengineering its processes in order to work closely with 3D modeling firm Dassault Systèmes.

Devie Mohan talks to Daryl Wilkinson about the power of innovation, and how his new venture will harness his experience.

Devie Mohan interviews a handful of Fiserv’s digital banking experts and quizzes them about fintech, mobile, and the future.

Nanda Kumar from SunTec is interviewed by Devie Mohan at Sibos 2015, where they discuss the origins of fintech and future trends.

Devie Mohan talks to Chris Gledhill about Secco, innovation, the future of the IPI, and regulatory compliance.

Devie Mohan chats to Bipin Sahni from Wells Fargo while at Sibos 2015 in Singapore.

John Hucker outlines Switzerland’s credentials as a leading fintech hub, and its potential for further growth.

Stefan Weiss from Fidor Bank talks to Devie Mohan about APIs, regulation, and expansion.

Devie Mohan discusses the unbanked of Asia with Tomo Yamadera of Asian Development Bank while at Sibos 2015.

Patrick Maes, CTO of ANZ Bank, talks to Devie Mohan at Sibos 2015 about fintech and the part it plays in the evolution of banks.

Devie Mohan talks to Scarlett Sieber from BBVA about the banking group’s initiatives in fintech innovation.

Devie Mohan talks to Ruth Wandhöfer from Citibank about regulation, fintech and banks.

Big data is a big subject, and will get bigger as banks begin to work with fintech startups and understand their customers more. Devie Mohan interviews Usama Fayyad from Barclays about his experience in this area.

Devie Mohan talks to Steve Ellis from Wells Fargo at Sibos 2015.

Devie Mohan talks to Lauren Jones from Payments UK about fintech, trends, and the objectives that need to be addressed before ISO 20022.

Devie Mohan interviews Alex Scandurra from Stone & Chalk, a fintech hub in Australia, about innovation, startups and the unbanked.

Devie Mohan talks to Leda Glyptis from BNY Mellon to discuss innovation, blockchain, startups and the future of fintech.

Devie Mohan and Chuck Hounsell discuss fintech, prepaid cards, authentication technology, and blockchain at Sibos 2015.

Devie Mohan interviews Anne Boden from Starling ahead of a series of interviews from Sibos 2015. Topics include security, technology, and women in banking.