The Yodlee Global Fintech Survey: 40 Experts Reveal 2015 Trends

by deviemohan

I am happy to announce the results of the Yodlee Fintech influencer survey. The survey was conducted at the end of 2014 to understand what Fintech experts think would be the trends for 2015. We kept most of the questions open-ended, inviting thoughts on topics ranging from cryptocurrency to biometrics to regulatory compliance.

We had several Fintech and financial services firms participating in the survey – some of them are listed below:

Fintech firms: FinLeap, CoinX, Mambu, Zooz, SunTec, Fincite, Planwise, Yodlee, CRIF, EquityZen
Analysts: David Brear from Gartner, Dan Latimore from Celent, Ron Shevlin from Aite Group
Financial Services firms/Consultants: JP Morgan, Barclays, The Center for Financial Services Innovation, Halperin Consulting group, Michael Mellinghoff
Payments firms: ACI Worldwide, Total Fiscal, Letstalkpayments
Others: The FinTech Blog, Fox William (FinTech legal), Software AG

The group found “Security” as a key area of improvement for financial services firms in the coming year. It also found Lending Club and Apple to be the Fintech firms to watch out for, with Stripe and Square not too far behind. Cryptocurrency still garnered a lot of attention, with Big Data, surprisingly, not much of a concern for the respondents. 2015 was also predicted to be the year of the “big deals”.

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I would like to thank the Yodlee team for giving me the opportunity to conduct this research. I look forward to feedback from all the readers on the big trends to watch out for in 2015!